About us

The Virtual Competence Centre 3D (VCC-3D) is a non-profit organisation that provides advice and consultancy in 3D digitisation and visualisation to the heritage sector. It will continue and expand the work of the EU-supported 3D-COFORM project.

The VCC-3D is the result of over seven years of work in several major projects funded by the European Union and is the principal outcome of the European Commission co-funded project, 3D-COFORM. Since 2009, the 19 partners in 3D-COFORM have brought together expertise and experience in all aspects of 3D technology for the heritage sector, ranging from 3D digitisation to visualisation. The aim of the Virtual Competence Centre is to ensure that the knowledge and resources that have been built up by the partners continues to support the heritage community. We aim to produce the definitive resource regarding the technology of 3D for heritage sites.

If you want to:

  • enquire about the potential for collaborative work
  • obtain guidance, advice or support for 3D
  • find out more about 3D in the heritage sector

  • you can contact VCC-3D information services, either by post at:

    The Virtual Competence Centre for 3D (VCC-3D) University of Brighton Watts Building (109), Lewes Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 4GJ, United Kingdom

    Or, alternatively by e-mail at: info[at]vcc-3d.eu